Fundraising Info

Opening your team’s very own fundraising store has never been easier!

At Nutmeg Soccer we understand how important fundraising is to the success of your program. We know firsthand what it takes to make a successful program and the time commitment necessary to make it successful. This is why we have created a number of unique fundraising programs and services to support your fundraising needs. One-on-one customer assistance, a wide range of custom products and unparalleled creativity is what sets Nutmeg Soccer apart from the rest of the competition. Teams, youth programs, adult leagues and supporter groups are Nutmeg Soccer specialty and our Team and Fundraising Specialists are experts in taking your vision and making them a reality.  We have developed the following programs and services to provide what you need to achieve your fundraising goals.  We have done all the leg work so you don’t have to.
  • Team e-Store
  • Team Sponsorships
  • Customized gear, fan-wear and uniforms
  • Referral and Loyalty Programs
  • Team Co-Op

How it Works

It starts with one of our Nutmeg Soccer Fundraising Specialists learning about your program or team’s objectives, understanding what you have done in the past, and your fundraising goals for the upcoming months.  Our Fundraising Specialist will then review with you your options based on your needs. Once you have selected the programs and services, we will assist you in providing a complete end to end “turnkey” process covering:
  • Dedicated experienced fundraising resource
  • Logo and art design services for free
  • Screen printing and embroidery
  • Custom apparel and uniforms
  • Prompt production times
  • Product flyers
  • Team e-Stores
  • Private Label Apparel – ( Customize your own brand )
  • Free Samples so your organization and team actually can see and feel what they are getting.
  • For Uniforms sizing samples will be provided to assure the correct fit

Getting Started

Once you have selected your fundraising program and services, your next decision is how you want to promote them to your program or team. All of our programs and services can be offered through our Team e-Store. The Team e-Store eliminates all of the challenges faced with the direct sales approach:
  • You do not have to worry about carrying inventory, and re-orders, since all orders are booked on-line so you know the exact quantities that will be ordered.
  • Flexible time frames, you decide when the store is open and what products to sell, allowing you to fundraise all year round
  • Easy to communicate, via link to your team web site and flyers
  • Distribution, products can be shipped to the customer directly


No cost. No maintenance. Easy to make changes. We have simplified the online team store experience so that we do all the work and all you have to do is sit back and relax. e-Stores are fast and easy to set up. Let us know what products you want to sell and we will get your store up and running within 72 hours. There is no upfront cost or ordering necessary. You decide when to open and close the store and once the pre-sale has concluded we will only manufacture what was ordered. Once all orders are shipped we cut you a check for the profits of your store!